Monday, March 12, 2012

March WIPocalypse

Late as usual, but better late than never, plus I sneaked some more stitchy time in. Only 2 projects have had much progress since my last post, so here we go!

I have finished another half page on Ascendant since my last post, and am up to 12% completion, with my goal for this year being 20%, so I am well on my way!
The mix of colors in this are stunning; blues, purples, greens and greys which you don't notice in the original art, so it is really cool to see this piece come together stitch by stitch.

Lightning is coming along slowly but surely, with 2 added letters and a new dust cloud. For some reason even being so close, I just can't seem to get any mojo going on this piece, so I try to put a few stitches in before I start work on something else. A slow way to get a finish, but I will get there (hopefully!)

I have been trying to get through all the new blog posts, but holy heavens! Lots of beautiful stitching to look at! Take care everyone, and talk to you all soon!



Anonymous said...


Just found your blog on the IHSW list.

Ascension is looking beautiful and I love the car!

Anonymous said...

Your work on Ascendant is very lovely, I am always impressed how many different colors there are in such a piece ;-)

sharine said...

Great stitching.

Joysze said...

LOL!! I hear ya. Sometimes I look at my blog list and say out loud "man, you guys can blog!!!' LOL!!!!!

Great going on Ascendant and Lighting. :D

Ewa said...

Great progress, nikki! I've got a project I just have to force myself to work on, too - don't worry! I think we all have one of those.