Monday, April 23, 2012

IHSW results

Well, I had a crazy weekend, but I did find some time to work on Ascendant, which made me very happy! I tried very hard, but I just barely missed out on a page finish, only have a wee bit down in the bottom right column to do. It's hard to see what I did, as this page has an amazing amount of bright white stitching, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel...after 2 more columns worth of stitching, I will be at her head! I can't wait, and I will be working extra hard on it in the next couple of days so you guys can share my happy dance when I get there!

Also, here is my TUSAL post for April, lots of ORT's this month with "Grapes of Wrath" getting finished up.

Just also wanted to say a big welcome to my new followers and thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments on my big finish. My best friend was so excited when I dropped it off that she grabbed her keys, kicked me out of her house, and took it right to the framers! Hopefully when it gets back in the next few weeks I will get some piccys of it all framed up.

Hope everyone had a great stitchy weekend, I am off to check out all your new posts and pics!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grapes of Wrath Complete!!!!

Finally done, so another WIPocalypse goal completed....whoopie!!!

Still a little damp from it's sink bath, but it turned out pretty well! Now onto the next one!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

April WIPocalypse...finally!

Ok, so I have a good excuse for being so late this month...I am on vacation! Whoopie!!!! And it seems like I still have gotten nothing done that I wanted to do...sigh...not that I am complaining, cause I hate painting! (was going to paint my livingroom, grumble)

Onto the good stuff! I only really worked on one project for the last few weeks, but it is a goodie, and Joyce will be happy! lol

All I have left is the backstitching on this one, then another WIPocalyspe goal met, I can't wait!



I am taking a bit of a break from this one, maybe a few days or so, just to get my mojo back, so I have been picking away at Ascendant...hopefully will have a page finish before I polish off Welcome Friends, aka "The Grapes of Wrath." So glad this one is almost complete, I have come to realize I don't like stitching projects for other people...for some reason it just takes the fun right out of it for me. Plus, in all my years of stitching, I have yet to finish anything for me, all my completed work is gifts or 'comissions' of a sort for others.

Maybe that is why I love Ascendant so much, she is all for me, and she is going to look fantastic on my livingroom wall, painted or not! lol