Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grapes of Wrath!

So happy, I have been stitching like crazy on the Welcome Friends kit, which is one of my WIPocalypse goals. I know I am probably pretty lame for being so excited, but check out the grapes!



Finished the second bunch of grapes, plus all the vine work in the bottom part, so that puts me at about the halfway point for stitching on this kit, woohoo! So guess what I will be working on like a mad woman for IHSW??? lol



sharine said...

It is looking great!

Joysze said...

You have reason to be excited, Nikki. They look awesome~!! :D

Happy grape hermitting. ;)

Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

Looks fab! Love the grapes :D

Ewa said...

Awww nikki, that's not lame at all! I'd be excited, too! Congrats and can't wait to see post-IHSW progress!

Keebles said...

Absolutely love this one! I've given you a Liebster BTW:

Anne said...

Lovely design!! Can't wait to see your update!!

Jennifer M. said...

Lovely progress on your project. :)