Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summertime stitching!

Been getting some good stitching time in so far as I have been off work. 

Ascendant is first up, I have finished about half a page into this row. She gets neglected, but everytime she comes out it reminds me how much I love her.

Large Travel Bookshelf is currently being worked on, very close to another page finish! Then I just need to make the tough decision to either carry on down the column, or move to the right. :)

Large Treasure Hunt has seen a lot of love lately too. All over the place as to where to stitch next, so I am currently just picking columns at random. Very liberating to ignore my OCD side!

Being off work means I get bored a bit, which means my stash size has been increasing. I've lost count at how many parcels have been delivered in the last few weeks...I try and hide them before boyfriend gets home!

While my stash size is increasing, I was finding my rotation very difficult to manage, so I have pared things down at bit. I also plan a restart of Sadness at some point, but I have made the difficult decision to switch to the mini version with no background, as I just couldn't keep any motivation for the current piece. 
As well, you will notice that one of the Sins has been listed on my progress bar. I finally got around to starting one on the lovely custom dyed fabric I had made by Tammy at Colour Cascade Fabrics. 
Once she has another turn in rotation I will get a good piccy for you all. 

Oh, and the wedding sampler got framed and delivered; I was quite impressed with how well it turned out!

The bride to be loves it, as it matches her wedding theme perfectly. 

I hope everyone is having a great summer, and thanks for stopping by! I am off to stitch, as it is a grey cloudy day here in Nova Scotia, and the pups are asleep, so it's a perfect Sunday afternoon. 

Happy stitching!