Tuesday, July 24, 2012

IHSW results and progress updates...pic heavy!

Hello fellow hermitters! Hope you all had a productive stitchy weekend!

I spent most of the weekend working on Ascendant, as it appears my mojo for her has returned, and I made quite a bit of progress. I finished off one column on page 5, the partial page 6, and started working again on her lovely wings on page 9. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I got much done, as all the work I did on the top row was blue! lol

I also have gotten some more stitched on Lust earlier on in the week, and she should be coming up again in rotation soon.

Again, it is really much darker in person, the flash on my camera seems to lighten everything to the nth degree...will have to play with the settings again, lol

I have finally taken a piccy of Ghost, my start just before Lust. First page is almost complete. The biggest change on this one is that I decided to try stitching her on 18 count, 2x1, instead of my usual 25 count, 1x1. I don't mind the 18 count, it has very little show-thru, but you sure use a lot of floss, which I am not used to anymore!

Lastly, I got a bit of work done on Sadness of an Angel...for some reason, I absolutely loath this piece, I think it is the pinky color in it that just looks so wrong to me and steals my mojo. I do have to get it done eventually though, as it is supposed to be a present for my sister.

On the personal front, I have been doing physio for the last 2 weeks for my back. It is helping a bit, but I am not sure when I will be ready to go back to work, as my job is pretty physical, and right now I am still having a hard time just walking for any period of time. Good thing stitching doesn't require any walking, cause as you can see, I have gotten a lot done in the past few weeks! I have another assessment tomorrow at physio, so hopefully she can give me more of an idea on back to work timeframe.

Sorry for the long post, I am off to check out all of your lovely weekend stitching! A big welcome to my new followers as well, I am looking forward to getting to know you!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

July WIPocalypse

Late again, but life has been pretty crazy lately. I will ramble on, but after the stitchy pics!


I have met my goal for the year by reaching 20% completion, but have kept her in the rotation, as I want to finish at least the top row of pages. I only have 3 columns left till they are done.

I also finished all the regular cross stitch kits I had listed on my WIPocalypse goals, so I am going to rotate in some older UFO's and see how many I can get finished up this year. This is an old kit my cousin asked me to stitch for her years ago, I wonder if she remembers I still have it? lol! Anywho, it is all done, so I will be returning it to her, and another one out of my UFO pile!

Count Your Blessings-kit

Finally, I have made a few new starts. I haven't gotten any pics of one yet, so here is the second one. Little bit of background...as soon as I saw this series of charts, I knew I had to stitch them all. I am probably crazy, but I have started the first of the 7 Deadly Sins, by Marta Dahlig, charted by HAED.

This is what she will look like:

And my little start after 3 days of stitching, approx 2100 stitches:

Sorry for the pic...the flash makes it look too bright, it really is much darker...I will have to take a better pic during the day, lol. I have also discovered the joy of self fading fabric markers...how did I ever survive without them? It is so much easier to grid out the columns, so I don't spend so much time counting!

So a little rant on the personal stuff...I had a slight incident at work on Wednesday...and managed to slip a disc in my back. It looks like I will be off work for at least a week, maybe more depending on what physio says, as they have the say as to when they feel I can go back. I have managed to get quite a bit of stitching in since then, despite it being pretty painful to sit for prolonged periods of time, so I might have a lot more done in the coming weeks, as long as my ice pack doesn't give out, lol! Pretty sad, I am only 28, but I am walking and feeling like an 80 year old, and I can't DO anything! I have never been so upset to not be able to do housework!

The home renos went well, I just haven't managed to take the after photos. Hopefully will have them for the next update, which I promise will be soon! I feel so neglectful of my little blog, I will try to make an effort to post more often, especially since I have been getting quite a bit of stitching in lately.

Lastly, welcome to all my new followers! I can't believe 54 lovely people take time out of their day to see what is going on in my little corner of the universe! I am so happy to have you here, as I love reading all your comments and thoughts, they mean a lot to me. If you have a blog, and I am not already a follower of you, please let me know, I would love to see your work as well!

Take care, and happy stitching!