Monday, November 26, 2012

October WIPocalypse in November...and apologies and explanations!

I feel like a bad blogging buddy...over a month since my last post! Be assured I am checking out all of your lovely works, even if I am not posting or has gotten a little nuts, but I will leave the personal stuff to last for those who are here for the stitchy bits.

I finally got some mojo going for Sadness, as she was my last goal for the WIPocalypse. I have worked exclusively on her for the last month or so, and I am happy to say I have made lots of progress. Not sure if I will meet goal for the year or not, but even if not, I am thrilled with how much I have accomplished on her this year!

So as a reminder, this is how she looked waaay back in January:

And this is how she looked for the September WIPocalypse update:

And here she is now, with 53460/117600 stitches, or 45% complete!

I am rather pleased with how she is turning out, even with the strange pinkie color. I find if you stand back and look it blends well into the other colors. I think I have exhausted my mojo on this one though, been really craving something a little more colorful, so I think I will pick up Waterfall Dragons for the next few days.

So that's pretty much it for the stitchy front. Doesn't look like a whole lot, but I did get almost 9000 stitches done over the last few weeks.

On the personal front...I am going through some pretty heavy medical stuff. Don't want to go into too many details, but my symptoms have taken a drastic change for the worse over the last several months, and I find I am really struggling to keep up my normal life stuff. It is so hard to try and manage all this while living alone, maintaining a household, and looking after my two furry babies, but I am (barely!) managing to keep my head above water so to speak. My stitching seems to be my only sanity of late, as the medical system here leaves a lot to be desired sometimes in regards to how fast you can get in to see specialists and surgeons.
So as of right now I am in a holding pattern until I get a phone call to go in for a surgical consult. I have all my hopes pinned on getting surgery that will hopefully fix what is going on so I can get back to feeling normal. It's just so frustrating sometimes, when you know what will fix you, it's just getting it done! The only scary thing is that my symptoms have been going on for years, on and off, so I don't know how bad the damage is going to be when they finally put me under the knife and take a look at what's what. So keeping my fingers crossed, and trying to keep my chin up so to speak!

But I do want to thank you all for your lovely comments, and giving me the positive vibes to keep up on my stitching and getting through my days. I will keep you all posted as best as I can with what is going on, and hopefully I will be able to post more often for you all!

Big hugs,