Sunday, March 3, 2013

Updates and a severe case of Startitis

Hey all!

Been awhile since I posted an update! I have not stitched as much as I have liked over the last several weeks, but I do have some progress to show you.

First up is TowMater. He is getting close to done, I have now finished all of the stitching on him, and have started the dreaded back stitching. I also haven't stitched the banner up top yet, I am leaving it until last, as it's all black, and should be an easy stitch.

Lust (HAED) has gotten a bit of love, sorry for the pic, but getting a decent shot of dark colors is hard!

QS Twin Peek (HAED) has come a long way, I am now finished 3/6 pages!

And this weekend I have been working on my BB SAL piece, which I am sooo far behind on! Here is where I am at now, I have done about 500 stitches this weekend; slow going as this piece is sheer confetti!

I am kinda sheepish to say that I have also made not one but two new starts! My rotation went out the window for awhile, but I am now back on track, so here is my progress on my latest additions!

When HAED released this chart, I bought it and started it the same day! I have an obsession with dragons, and even have a full back piece tattoo that looks very similar to this chart, so I had to start it!

Red Dragon:

And here is my progress after 3 rotations:

As a side note, I have to say how much I absolutely love Magic Guide fabric! Makes it so easy as I stitch per column, so much faster when I don't have to grid or count. Plus, the coverage on it is great; I was a little hesitant, but the dark colors look fine on it, and I have been told that it gets even better once the piece is washed.

I also fell in love with another chart designer, Sarah Paine of Paine Free Crafts. She has some fantastic designs, and I plan on many more purchases.
Here is the first chart I bought and started from her, its called Lyssa, Disturb at your own Risk. Dragons and oriental art, what could be better?

My progress after two rotations, hard to see as it is all fairly light colors:

So that's pretty much it on the stitchy front. Things are moving along slowly but surely on the medical front, I am booked in for surgery at the end of this month, so keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you for all your kind words and support, I will keep you posted!



sharine said...

Awesome new starts!

Miamina said...

Stitching is a hobby and supposed to be enjoyable so stitch on whatever you want to as life is too short for feeling guilty over stitching :)

You've made a great start on your 2 new projects and great progress on your others.

Glad that you are liking the magic guide, it saves so much time!

Keebles said...

So many starts! Wow, and such progress on each!

Good luck on your surgery and we're all thinking of you!

♥ Nia said...

So many wips! :D I will be here following your progress :)

Mimi said...

You have so many wonderful projects on the go!! Beautiful stitching!

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching