Sunday, January 6, 2013

Final WIPocalypse, new goals, and lots of pics!

Phew, finally getting around to my last WIPocalypse post for 2012! I kept thinking about posting, then stitching or life called, and it was put off another day! lol

So time for the year in recap, all in all it was a very successful year of stitching for me...I think this was the most I stitched in...well...ever!

First up is Ascendant, here is where she was at the beginning of the year. My goal was to reach 20% for the year.


And now, at 26% and counting!

I am so pleased with how she is turning out...even with all the stash I have bought over the last year, she is still my all time favorite chart, and a real pleasure to work on. Plus, I love sparkles!

Next up is Sadness of an Angel, the bane of my stitching existance. This is a chart my sister picked for herself for me to stitch. I don't know if it is the colors, or just the fact that I don't paticularly like stitching for other people anymore, but I really had to push myself to work on her.


And now, with 45% complete, and 5% shy of my goal:

Even though I didn't meet goal, I am still really happy with how much I completed, since I dislike her so much! lol

I also had 3 kits listed as goals to finish, and here they are, all completed, and have since been delivered to their happy new owners:

Welcome Friends

Baby Hugs

Lightning McQueen

I also started TowMater, the companion piece to Lightning. I came close to a finish on him this year, but got caught up over the holidays. Here he is about 3/4 complete:

Several new starts found their way into my rotation as well. I didn't have any formal goals on any of them, but I did make pretty good progress.



Waterfall Dragons:

So the plan for this year...

1. Finish current row on Ascendant. (pages 10-12 left)
2. Get to 60% on Sadness of an Angel. (currently 45%)
3. Finish TowMater.
4. Finish page 2 of Ghost.
5. Finish page 2 of Lust.
6. Finish page 2 of Dragons.
7. Finish the BB SAL piece I picked. (details below) 
8. Try to finish QS Twin Peek. (details below)

I think this will keep me stitching like crazy for this year!

I joined the HAED BB SAL for the first time this year. I picked QS Mystic Garden, since my boyfriend loves tigers, so I would love to finish it and get it framed in time for X-mas this year for him. Here is what it looks like:

And here is my progress after the first few days:

This is officially the most confetti heavy piece I have ever worked will be a challenge to get it finished in time I think!

I am also participating in the NEW Years SAL in one of the FB groups I am in. I chose QS Twin Peek as my first chart to start:

And here is my progress, first page is complete!

This is my first time trying Magic Guide fabby, and I love it! So great to stitch the shoe collection on, since there is a lot of counting as none of the pieces have stitched backgrounds.

Phew, I think that is it for the stitchy front! I tried to keep my goals for this year fairly simple and easy, as I don't know when my surgery is going to be, or how long I will be down for.

 But, I did get a phone call! Thank you everyone for your positive vibes and thoughts; they must have worked, because not 2 days after my last post, I got a call from the surgeons office to book in for my surgical consult. My appointment is this Friday, and I am hoping if all goes well they will get me in ASAP for surgery. I will keep you all posted!

So I think that is all the news that is news; but again, a big thank you to all of your for the positive thoughts and comments recently, and throughout the year. I would have never gotten as much accomplished as I did without your support. *Big hugs all around!*

And as a personal goal, I am commiting myself to posting an update every 3 weeks, so I will talk to you all soon!

Hugs and a Happy New Year,


♥ Nia said...

Great progress on your wips!!! :D And good luck to achieve your goals for this year :)

Hope everything goes well with your surgery!! best wishes for you!!

Pull the other thread said...

Good luck with health stuff this year. You made amazing progress on your WIP's and new starts. Well done. Looking forward to seeing more great progress updates :)

Kate said...

What an amazing stitchy year, kudo to you on fabulous projects!! I hope all goes well at your appointment, keeping fingers crossed for you :)

demeter83 said...

Love the WIPs and the goals, look forward to seeing all your work on them.

Hope everything goes okay with your surgery!

The Maiden said...

You get the best post for a WIPocalypse ending award (in my opion!). All your progress is inspiring, I cannot wait to see more of Ascendant (those eyes) and I too hate stitching for others, but love it when it is done!

Anonymous said...

You made amazing progress during the last year =) I love all your WIPs (and new starts) =)

Kate N said...

You have made great progress on all your pieces, and lovely choices for this year.

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching.