Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where Did Summer go???

I can't believe it's almost the last weekend of August, and I haven't done a single blog post! I will make it up to you I promise, I have lots of stitchy pics to show you!

Things usually slow down on the stitching front for summer, as I spend a lot of time at the cottage, but I have made some progress on almost all my WIPS, and started a few new ones, hehehe. Feel free to check out the side bar on the right of my blog for the latest stitch counts and what I am working on.

First up is still my favorite WIP, Ascendant. I have finished page 10, and on my way through 11. Glad to see I am finally close to finishing off her lovely face.


Next up is Sadness, still not enjoying this one much, but making some headway.

One of my new starts, this is SK Water Dragon, stitched on a studio session piece from Cascade Fabrics. After I finished QS Twin Peek, I realized it was nice to have something detailed, but a little quicker than my huge projects, to see progress on.

I also discovered another lovely cross stitch charting company, and of course, I had to order a few, and I figured it was only fair to start one as well! So this is All That Remains, charted by Bev at LoveThyThread.

Another new start, this is Asiria, by HAED. I absolutely love Nene Thomas's work, especially her Dragon Witch series, so I had to start one.

Ghost has gotten a bit more love, working on 18 count is a nice break after all the teeny stitches in my other projects!

Waterfall Dragons is definitely a SLOOOOOW WIP, lost my mojo for this one over the summer, I recently picked it up again last week, I do enjoy the bright colours though!

Finally, Tow Mater has gotten a bit of attention too, one of these days I will get him finished!

So that's pretty much it for progress pics. Some of you may have noticed that Lust-HAED, was dropped off my sidebar. I came to a hard realization after I did up my must stitch list, that I was never going to live long enough to stitch all the projects I wanted to, and I really do want to stitch the whole 7 Deadly Sins series. So, I compromised, as HAED released them in mini format...I re bought the whole series! And then I had a brilliant (but expensive) idea, how cool would it be to stitch each of the mini's on custom dyed fabric to match each colour of the "Sin"? So the lovely Tammy at Colour Cascade Fabrics is working on some colour combos for me, so excited! So expect to see some new starts shortly as soon as I get an order!

Hopefully I will be able to catch up on all your lovely projects over the next few days, as I catch up on blog entries. Sorry again for my absence, will talk again soon!



sharine said...

You have been very busy, Beautiful progress:)

♥ Nia said...

You have beautiful works on your hands :) looking great!
I love those blue shades on Ascendant, gorgeous :D

Anonymous said...

I love your old and new projects =) You made wonderful progress on all of them =)

The Maiden said...

So much progress I am jealous (especially of your Nene Thomas, she is my favorite and I have Asiria all kitted and waiting! Cannot wait to see the face emerge on your angel!

Emma/Itzy said...

they all look great, well done!

Cinzia said...

Hi, new follower and very happy I discovered that I am not the only serial starter of Haed projects nor am I alone thinking it would take some serious reincarnation to complete all that I've started!
Read you again soon and good luck with your health!

Cleejoow said...

I have Sadness in my UFO pile as well. I loved the design but I find there is something wrong with the colors. I really don't like how it's looking at the moment so it's buried somewhere in my stash cupboard...