Friday, September 21, 2012

Late IHSW update, super late WIPocalypse, and the kitchen sink

Sooo late for everything yet again! I am finally back to work full-time, and it just seems like I don't have time for anything I will make up for it by showing you my pretty stitchy pics!

First up is my IHSW results. I worked on Tow Mater most of the weekend between cleaning and laundry.

Before IHSW:

After IHSW:

He is looking so good, buck teeth and all! Kinda nice to have something besides a HAED on the go, must easier to see, and far less concentration required, lol.

Now for WIPocalypse...unfortunately, with being back to work, my stitching time has taken a serious hit...but, on the plus side, I got some major mojo going for Sadness, and she was all I have worked on for  the last August WIPocalypse (so much for my rotation!)

Sadness last WIPocalypse:

Sadness now:

Much better pic this time, it really shows all the different shades in this one. I am now up to 30% completion...only 20% more to go to meet my last WIPocalypse goal for this!

 So like I don't have enough WIP's on the go, I bought some more stash I just couldn't resist for HAED Appreciation Week, and it just so happened that the HAED BB SAL this week is new starts, so I figured, hey, it's like getting permission right? Right? So here is the charts I bought!

Winter Soul:

Winter Soul

Waterfall Dragons:

So can you guess which one I started? Yup, Waterfall Dragons! I just couldn't resist! This is by far the biggest WIP I have started, so I am gonna need to get some serious stitching in on this one just to show that it looks like something! Plus, I was super excited to try stitching on the new fabby I ordered, but holy cow, stitching on 28 count is small! I thought 25 count was bad...was I ever wrong! But on the plus side, the coverage is amazing, and I need to use slightly less fabby this way, so good trade off I suppose.

I realized today that my OCD is screaming at me...I am out of needles! I am crazy about how I need my WIP's set up, and each one gets pre-threaded needles and a cork-board with all the chart symbols, so that way I don't have to keep unthreading and threading all the time. So, with so many WIP's on the go, I have run out, so I think I may be working on Sadness or Ascendant until my order comes in, as they are the only two that have full boards atm, as I kinda had to 'borrow' so I could start Waterfall Dragons right away. So here is hoping I should have some progress pics soon for you! And I also need to go blog stalk as well, I am so far behind, I'm sorry!