Monday, June 11, 2012

June WIPocalypse and a finish!

It's that time already?! Wow, time has really been flying lately, maybe it is because the weather has been warmer, or maybe because I met 2 WIPocalypse goals this month! Woohoo! Here we go!

Ascendant-HAED, WIPocalypse goal-20% completion.

Before WIPocalypse:

After June WIPocalypse, 20% completed!

Lightning McQueen, Janlynn kit

Before WIPocalypse:

After June WIPocalypse, completed!

So I have finished 4/5 of my goals for the year so far, the only thing left is to get to 50% completion on Sadness of an Angel. I haven't worked on her in awhile, hopefully will get my mojo back and get some work in soon.

I am really happy to get 3 kits finished up so far this year...I stopped buying them after I discovered HAED, but I have a whole craft room full of them it seems, so the more I can finish up the better. I brought another old UFO into rotation after I finished Lightning, will have some pics for you all in my next update.

Sorry for my absence of late...I finally got the ball rolling on getting some home renos done. I took some 'before' photos tonite to show you, so in a few days I am hoping for some 'afters'!

Hugs and happy stitching,